Project Management – Open Course

This one-day highly focused, fast-paced, and enjoyable course will use a balance of tutor input, discussion and case studies to gain maximum information retention. Each of the project management techniques identified will be unpacked enabling you to understand how they work, how you can apply them and how they might assist those around you.

  • Course programme in detail
  • Defining Project Management
  • Project Life Cycle
  • Planning the Project
  • Developing achievable schedules
  • Techniques that can help the planning process including brainstorming, mind mapping and developing creativity
  • Work Breakdown Structure
  • Control Techniques such as PERT, Critical Path Analysis and Gantt Charts
  • Management Techniques
  • Evaluation of the project

Course outcome
By the end of the course delegates will understand the Project management life cycle and know how each part of the cycle is used to ensure project success. Delegates will be able to develop the use of techniques to help plan the project. They will understand how to manage risk & key stakeholders in the project completion phase and know how to evaluate project success and develop œlessons learnt lists to help with future projects.

Who should attend
This course is a must for anyone who is responsible for managing and/or controlling projects; it will benefit individuals, teams and organisations. Delegates will gain skills in planning, monitoring and controlling projects so that the stated objectives can be achieved

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