Professional Practice in Organisational and Regional Change Leadership: Module 2 – Leading Teams & Organisations

This course is designed to create talented future leaders for the Sheffield City Region (SCR). It will enable and inspire participants to lead organisational and regional change. It will also help them to develop a deep appreciation of the issues and opportunities within the SCR.

This course is open to all talented people who are employed within the SCR. We encourage applications from graduates and non-graduates.

The course content offered through Skills Bank will consist of two modules that focus on organisational leadership. Participants must undertake Modules 1 and 2 in order to progress to further work on projects with a regional focus and complete the course to certification.

Participants will work independently and collaboratively to examine leadership and affect change within their own organisations. The course will combine study days (four to five initially, which will drop down to two) with in-work learning.

Module 2 – Leading Teams & Organisations
¢ To critically evaluate a range of leadership and change theoretical models and concepts to effect positive outcomes for teams and organisations.
¢ To undertake a reflexive analysis of your leadership and change mind sets at different levels in organisational systems.
Planned start date: Nov 2019
Planned end date: Jan 2020

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