Process Mapping for Systems Use in Business

The Process Approach focuses on the transition of moving an existing procedure-based system to a process-based one. Effective process design and management sits at the heart of an effective management system and can be integrated based on any online platform.
Charting working methods, policies and procedures streamlined into a set of prioritised tasks. Combine individual processes and map workflow visually, translate to electronic format via a secure online web platform. Management to audit activity whilst maximising revenue through increased productivity.

Bespoke training courses for process mapping for systems use in business are designed according to the requirement of skills needed to streamline existing processes and collate information in line with the system design, allowing for the most effective and efficient way of running the business. Units are broken down to match user roles and skill level.

Below are just some of the units which would be included however a full analysis of existing systems would be needed:
o Review of existing processes in your business model
o Reliability of existing processes (Testing)
o Mapping information to specific business areas
o Harmonisation of old/new processes
o Finding the right solution to get the desired outcomes
o Systems Analysis
o Data processing and security
o Managing data
o Meaningful reporting and forecasting
o Data analysis
o Process reviewing and continued streamlining
o System process auditing

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