PRINCE2 2017 Practitioner Training

PRINCE2 ® 2017 Content
–  Principles; Continued business justification, Learn from experience, Defined roles and responsibilities, Manage by stages, Manage by exception, Focus on products, Tailor to suit the project
–  Tailoring and adopting PRINCE2; Tailoring PRINCE2 to suit different projects. Adopting PRINCE2 in an organizational setting
–  PRINCE2 Themes; Business case, Organization, Quality, Plans, Risk, Change, Progress
–  PRINCE2 Processes; Starting up a project, Directing a project, Initiating a project, Controlling a stage, Managing product delivery, Managing a stage boundary, Closing a project
This 2 day classroom course includes
–  12 months online access to accredited PRINCE2 Practitioner online learning
–  Full tutor support
–  Additional materials to help put PRINCE2 into practice
–  PRINCE2 Practitioner mock exam revision tools
–  2 Day classroom delivery €“ PRINCE2 2017 Update Practitioner course
–  PRINCE2 Practitioner exam (Day 2)

PRINCE2 ® 2017 Update Practitioner Exam
–  The Practitioner exam will now test candidates on all parts of the PRINCE2 method
–  The emphasis on different parts of the syllabus has been readjusted, for example there are questions specifically around the principles, and the number of questions about management products has been reduced
–  The candidate is tested on their ability to apply the core of each theme and process (at Bloom€™s Level 3), and also on their practical ability to assess, in a particular context, whether an particular approach to project management is effective and fit for purpose (at Bloom€™s Level 4)
–  Improvements to the exam design have been made, such as reducing the amount of €˜additional information€™ needed to answer the questions and removing complex question styles, such as €˜assertion-reason€™
–  The number of marks on a paper has been reduced to 68
–  The time allowed is 2 hours and 30 minutes (this is the same as 2009 current version)
–  The pass mark for the exam is 38 out of 68 (approximately 55%)
–  This exam is open book €“ the €˜Managing Successful Projects with PRINCE2€™ 2017 Edition is allowed
–  The new PRINCE2 Practitioner certificate has an expiry date of 3 years or candidates can gain PRINCE2 Membership with AXELOS and demonstrate CPD on an annual basis which avoids the need for a mandatory re-registration exam
How do PRINCE2 ® Practitioners Re-register?
–  From the release of the new guidance and exams mid 2017, end learners certified in PRINCE2 will be encouraged to remain current through a new programme linked to PRINCE2 Membership.
–  This enables Practitioners to record CPD activities on an annual basis
–  CPD allows practitioners to demonstrate they are maintaining their professional expertise and avoids the need for a mandatory re-registration exam
The main elements of the new programme are:
–  The new PRINCE2 Practitioner certificates have an expiry date of 3 years
–  Candidates can retake the full Practitioner exam at the end of the 3 years to remain current. There will be no PRINCE2 2017 update re-registration exam
–  PRINCE2 Membership offers an alternative option for candidates. In order to remain current with your certification you must satisfy the following criteria within a 3 year period
1. Join Membership within 3 months of passing your exam and remain in membership for the 3 year period by renewing subscription each year
2. Maintain the PRINCE2 digital badge which will be awarded as part of membership for the 3 year period. Candidates will need to record 20 CPD points each year, in the prescribed categories, for the badge to be extended on renewal
–  There are lots of additional benefits to joining PRINCE2 Membership; these include:
 Access to the latest best practices
 PRINCE2 templates and toolkits to help you apply best practices in the workplace
 Project management software to help manage projects
 Exclusive access to practice guidance, white papers and discussion papers

PRINCE2 2017 Managing successful projects Manual included as this is required for the exam for each candidate as part of the course.

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