Presentation Skills for Business Leaders – Open Course

Presentation Skills for Business Leaders is focused on supporting you improve your presentations. It will provide you with cutting edge presentation techniques to make you stand out from the crowd, build your confidence and help you conquer the nerves we all feel and achieve business results by presenting at your highest level.

How Will the Sessions be Run?
This is a two-day course covering the following topic headings

* Design and preparation
* Building confidence
* Engaging your audience and getting the right results
* Using the voice and body language
* Practical presentation sessions with feedback

Course Programme in Detail
Day 1 €“ Getting ready
* A 10 minute presentation on a non work related subject you are interested.
* Structured feedback on areas to work on from your presentation
* Information on how to prepare and design your material
* Doing away with notes!
* Developing a positive frame of mind
* Visualisation and anchoring techniques to boost your confidence
* Controlling your nerves
* Handling the unexpected

Day 2 €“ Delivering your presentation
* Starting a presentation in a strong way
* How to engage with different people in your audience
* The use of the voice
* Stories, analogies and metaphors
* Effective language and words to use
* Body language and using the stage or platform
* Getting the right results
* A 10 minute presentation on a work related subject you need to present about
* Structured feedback on areas to work on from your presentation

Course Outcome
This course will give you the tools you need to raise your profile and make a real impact.

Who Should Attend
If you are a solo business leader, a Director or Senior Manager in a company, this programme is designed for you to make a real difference in the way you present both yourself and your business.

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East Midlands Chamber's Offer

Keeping staff development up to date is essential, harnessing skills which are required for businesses growth and progression.  We run a full range of open courses, everything from Director level right through to Information Technology sessions.  A full list is available on this website and can also be found at our website.  We are also a leading provider of Bespoke Training.  Working with our team of dedicated trainers, we are able to design and develop face to face or on-line training sessions to support your teams.  This could be 1-1 through to sessions for up to 15 people.  A dedicated staff member will liaise with you throughout, ensuring all your requirements are met and also completing a quality check with you following the course delivery.  The Chamber is a leading partner for many businesses for their bespoke requirements, supporting over 100 businesses each year to train and develop their staff.  Flexibility is the key to this and with over 30 years experience of developing bespoke training options, you will know you are in safe hands.  


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