Adobe InDesign Advanced

This training is ideal for users who wish to develop their understanding of the complex layout, text, colour and print options within InDesign.

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3 Day Leadership Programme – Managing Self, Managing People and Managing Task

An interactive fun and interesting training programme to help Managers, Supervisors and Executives to manage themselves, manage their teams and business relationships, problem solve and make those very day tough decisions. Find out what other businesses have said about this and other courses we BSA Training delivers

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Employee Virtual Toolkit

People are the most important resource in any business and so if we can improve our people, we can improve the business. The “Employee Virtual Toolkit” is aimed to help businesses to engage, motivate and support your employees to deal with the now (which is very different to what we have previously been used to), and prepare for the future and beyond. The training will support those still at work, those working from home and those that have been furloughed and help them prepare to return to work.

The sessions are practical and interactive, with lots of opportunity on the day to reflect, discuss and contextualise how trainees will use this new learning back in the workplace. We can develop your staff in this focused, yet relaxed four -session course.

The session includes virtual discussions; polls and breakout rooms; psychometric discussions and behavioural test; online handouts, personal action plans to record what you are going to do differently, online quiz to test how much you have learned; and further reading material for those who want to learn some more.

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Online Accent Reduction Training

Do you speak good English but people still frequently misunderstand you or ask you to repeat yourself? Does your strong accent mean you get overlooked for promotion at work? Accent Reduction Training will help you!
We initially recommend 11 hours (1 hour assessment plus 10 hours of training) and you can then choose to have more lessons if you wish. Lessons via Skype on a 1-2-1 basis.

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Business Leadership Accelerator

High impact bespoke training for your company’s leaders & managers

If your business has a group of managers you’d like to invest in, BHP Consulting offers a bespoke solution.

Our Business Leadership Accelerator is an in-company programme designed specifically for managers in an SME. It’s delivered by BHP’s Consulting team, who’ve all run and grown successful businesses themselves, through good times and bad. The programme focuses on developing the skills needed to grow your business, and successfully navigate and manage the challenges and opportunities it is facing. We tailor the course to focus on what’s really important for your specific business in today’s challenging and changing business environment, and give you access to the insights and tools we wish we’d had when we were growing our businesses.

You can select from the modules listed in the course content. We then adapt them specifically to your managers’ needs and the company’s individual context and requirements, focusing specifically on the challenges and growth opportunities in your business. We can also create additional content to address any specific issues, to provide the most effective and targeted development support.

These ‘in house’ programmes can be delivered at your location or in our offices, in half day or full day sessions. The duration & number of sessions will be based on the content you require, as will the cost.

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Professional Partner Account Management

Most companies have a GTM strategy that encompasses direct sales and sales with and through partners. Both models need its own specific approach for success. Channel management comes with its own set of challenges- lack of formal channel management training, poorly defined channel management processes and insufficient sales training. Professional Partner Account Management training equips sales organisations with best practices for managing indirect and omni channel sales efforts.

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Principles of Heat Treatment

A one day course providing delegates with a sound understanding of the beneficial effects of heat treatment to a range of ferrous & light metal alloys

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AAT Essentials – Finance for Non-Finance

This training is ideal for managers and administrators with existing financial knowledge who are looking to develop a better understanding of common financial terms and conventions in order to make better use of financial information.

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