Operative Training

• Administration of a Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) psychometric profiling tool to identify behavioral preferences (energy, process of information, decision-making and approach to deadlines) to help them understand themselves better, their contribution to their teams; seeing the world from others’ perspective; how to work with people of different behavior preferences; and how their behavior may affect others

• Administration of 360º tool to gain feedback from colleagues on ‘open’, ‘hidden’ and ‘blind spots’

• Understand the role of a team leader and how can they support their Manager and contribute to a high performing team

• Understand the vision, mission and business values and what are the expected behaviors

• How to adopt various techniques and tools that will help them improve confidence and resilience when dealing with difficult situations and setbacks.

• Dealing with change (confusion, denial, anger, negotiating, depression, testing and acceptance) and how to implement change effectively

• Key skills practice to develop effective working relationships – communication, body language, questioning, listening, building rapport, feedback

• Techniques for managing and controlling your workday (Time Thieves, Time Logs, Planning, Prioritising, Consolidating tasks, Multi-tasking and Procrastination)

• What is innovation, how to foster innovative thinking and how to have the confidence to present new ideas and ways of doing things better, faster and cheaper

• Practice a range of problem solving and decision-making techniques

• Group exercise to practice new leadership, team working and interpersonal skills learned

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