Online Managers Development Programme

Six x half-day programme – commencing 21 September 2020

This is an online programme running from 1.30pm – 5.00pm

The programme is focused on the key topics needed to be effective and efficient within a management role.  These include setting and monitoring objectives, coaching skills for managers, identifying opportunities for improvement and how to plan and implement change within the organisation.

Six half day sessions included in this programme

  • Understanding the management role
  • Motivation and organisational culture
  • Communication Skills for Managers & working in Teams
  • Developing Others & Coaching Skills for Managers
  • Managing Performance
  • Identifying opportunities for innovation & supporting others through change

Each section is delivered roughly 1 week apart to give you chance to apply the principles covered, back in your workplace, before the next session.

Course Content

Session 1 – Understanding the Management Role – 21 September

  • The changing role of managers in organisations (remote working, home working, managing staff and resources remotely) etc
  • Mission, vision and values of the organisation and the link to the Leadership role
  • The importance of role clarity and understanding responsibilities of management
  • Management vs leadership, understanding the difference.
  • Leadership – what’s your style and the implications?
  • Understand own ability to fulfil key responsibilities of the leadership role – what makes a good leader / good manager?
  • Evaluating your own leadership and management performance.
  • Theories on leadership and their relevance to own role & performance – what is your default style and when is this helpful/unhelpful.

Session 2 – Motivation and organisational culture – 28 September

  • Leading by example and managing your own emotions – what signals do you give out?
  • Mental Toughness – the importance of resilience in a leadership role.
  • Oganisational culture – the leadership role in shaping culture and how this impacts on the performance of the organisation.
    • How to create the right climate within your team for individuals to flourish.
  • The manager as motivational driver – how to ensure you get the best from your staff and engage those intrinsic drivers!
  • Delegation versus allocation– maximising your team resources
  • Leadership and management skills, knowledge and behaviours – identifying areas for personal development.

Session 3 –Communication Skills for Managers & working in Teams – 5 October

  • Working within the modern day environment – remote working / video conferencing etc., when and where to use different forms of communication to best effect.
  • How teams form and how to enable a high performing team
  • Teams and individuals – ways to engage and communicate effectively.
    • Remote working and the implications for communications for managers
  • Effective Questioning Techniques and funnelling
  • Listening skills
    • Understanding non verbal communications.
  • Giving appropriate feedback in an impactful way and helping others to see their “hidden” traits
  • Emotional intelligence, what it is and why it matters.
    • What’s your communication style and it’s implications?
  • Challenges to good communications and how to overcome them

Session 4 – Developing Others & Coaching Skills for Managers – 12 October

  • The manager as coach – how to create the right environment and relationship for coaching
  • Creating meaningful objectives and the SMART model.
  • Maximising on your people resources – creating and agreeing learning plans for individuals
  • Giving feedback in the right way to develop individuals and get the back on track.
  • Structuring the coaching session to maximise upon impact and time
  • Goal Setting within the coaching context
  • Aligning Business & Personal Goals
  • The practicalities of coaching – OSCAR and GROW – techniques to help to guide the coaching process
  • The balance of challenge & support to help others grow & take their performance to the next level

Session 5 – Managing Performance – 19 October

  • People and performance – clarifying expectations and the importance of regular appraisal and feedback.
  • Setting performance standards. When and how to review performance and giving feedback in the right way including recognition and positives.
    • Improvement plan or development plan? Understanding the difference
  • Dealing with under performance and managing difficult one to one situations
  • When to escalate and what to record (including Data Protection issues)
  • Capability or disciplinary?
  • The importance of objectivity and fairness.
  • Employment policies and procedures – what are your responsibilities?
  • Employment law – what do you know?

Session 6 – Identifying opportunities for innovation & supporting others through change – 2 November

  • Developing the right culture for the future – drivers and barriers for innovation & change and the link to effectiveness and efficiency
  • Innovation and the importance of embracing change to stay current in the changing landscape.
  • Recognising barriers to innovation and how unlock creativity in yourself and others
  • Analysing opportunities, including charting, visualising and evaluating options
  • Implementing changes – the importance of involving others
  • How people react to change – understanding values and the role managers play in influencing towards positive attitudes.
  • “The Change House”, which room are you in?
  • Communicating change, social responsibility and ethics – how to support through the change process including customers, stakeholders and the wider environment
  • Bringing it all together
    • Personal development action planning

Who should attend

Existing or aspiring Managers and Supervisors who are responsible for maximising resources and getting the best from individuals and teams at work.

Course delivery

The course will be delivered online with full participation from all attendees. You will be sent a calendar invite along with your link to access the session following receipt of your booking.

Who is the trainer?

The course will be delivered by a highly qualified and experienced trainer from our training partner, Challenge Training & Consultancy Limited. All trainers have a vast array of experienced, gained in a variety of businesses and are able therefore to bring context and fresh input to each course.


Cohort Minimum

Cohort Maximum

Number of Training Sessions

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Price per Learner

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East Midlands Chamber's Offer

Keeping staff development up to date is essential, harnessing skills which are required for businesses growth and progression.  We run a full range of open courses, everything from Director level right through to Information Technology sessions.  A full list is available on this website and can also be found at our website.  We are also a leading provider of Bespoke Training.  Working with our team of dedicated trainers, we are able to design and develop face to face or on-line training sessions to support your teams.  This could be 1-1 through to sessions for up to 15 people.  A dedicated staff member will liaise with you throughout, ensuring all your requirements are met and also completing a quality check with you following the course delivery.  The Chamber is a leading partner for many businesses for their bespoke requirements, supporting over 100 businesses each year to train and develop their staff.  Flexibility is the key to this and with over 30 years experience of developing bespoke training options, you will know you are in safe hands.  


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