Online Accent Reduction Training

Accent Reduction Training is where we train you to understand the differences between your mother tongue and a standard English accent (Received Pronunciation). We will teach you techniques to adopt a standard English accent and to improve your pronunciation. Our classes include modifying the way you pronounce vowel and consonant sounds and intonation. Your training also includes pace, emphasis, flow and mouth movement.

Designing your tailored programme

Different languages each have their own way of pronouncing sounds. Moreover, each individual finds different aspects of speaking English more difficult. As a result, we assess your accent to determine the key things for you to work on. Additionally, we will design a tailored programme of focused lessons to meet your objectives.

We initially recommend 11 hours (1 hour assessment plus 10 hours of training) and you can then choose to have more lessons if you wish. Lessons via Skype on a 1-2-1 basis.

The cost of the course includes:

  • Training via Skype
  • Initial telephone call to discuss training
  • Design of the course to requirements of the client
  • Private training with a qualified, experienced tutor
  • Registration Fee
  • Monitoring, review and assessment of training to ensure achievement of objectives.
  • Allocated CLT Key Account Manager

Cost of course (1 x 60 min assessment plus 10 x 60 minutes Accent Reduction Training):

£945 per learner


    Cohort Minimum

    Cohort Maximum

    Number of Training Sessions

    Price per Learner

    (Minimum Cohort)


    Commercial Language Training's Offer

    We are a local language training company, based near Matlock, offering tailored language courses to business across the UK and abroad. We have been teaching over 20 different languages to individuals and groups for over 30 years. We listen to your objectives and we create a course to suit you. Our experienced tutors will come to your place of work or teach you online, working at your pace and focusing on the skills you need to develop. We also offer online Accent Reduction Training and Cultural Awareness training – both of which are becoming more popular as the UK has become an international working environment.


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