NFPC Hydraulics – Stage 1 (HDST1)

This course gives a greater degree of understanding the practicalities of a hydraulic system. Anyone who working with or around hydraulic systems should complete this course as a minimum. This course meets and exceeds the BFPA minimum education recommendations for hydraulics and is CPD accredited by IQ and IOM3. This course is designed for those involved in the maintenance and/or management of fluid power systems involved hydraulics, both mobile and industrial applications within all sectors. Aims of the Course • This course will ensure delegates have a better overall understanding and relevant knowledge of hydraulic system components, their function, operation and how they form a working circuit; • Communication at all levels will be greatly improved as higher level terminology is explained, together with key aspects of health and safety. Resulting in improved safe working practices. Skills & Knowledge Gained Upon completion of this course, delegates will understand: • The fundamental principles that underpin all hydraulic systems; • The function of the major system components; • The importance of contamination management at all times; • The safe working practices associated with maintenance procedures; • How to read and interpret hydraulic circuit diagrams; • How to construct simple hydraulic circuits; • How to select and install components as prescribed by the circuit diagrams; • How to set up procedures relating to hydraulic components; • How to test the performance of a pump involving the use of diagnostics; • How to work with live hydraulics and apply safe working practices. Entry Requirements: No formal qualifications required, however, delegated will need to have either completed HDINT – Intermediate or scored a minimum of 45% on our online diagnostic assessment . All delegates are required to complete the assessment which can be found at

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