NFPC Hydraulics Intermediate (HD01)

This course covers the basic hydraulic principles that underpin the operation of all hydraulic systems. Delegates will undertake a series of practical exercises on our training rigs to help reinforce your level of understanding This course is designed for those new to the hydraulics sector and will provide an insight into the major building blocks of a hydraulic circuit and the functions of the various components. Health & safety plays a pivotal role and is important for anyone working closely to or on systems incorporating hydraulics. This course will embed health & safety throughout. Aims of the Course • This course will introduce delegates to a typical hydraulic system and its associated components providing a better understanding of the function of the various parts; • It will allow delegates to become more aware of the principles on which hydraulic systems operate and the importance of following safe working practices; • Overall communications skills will be improved by understanding the terminology used within the sector. Skills & Knowledge Gained Upon completion of this course, delegates will understand: • The typical applications of hydraulics in the modern workplace and why hydraulics are used; • Recognise the parts that form a working circuit, their functionality and the principles that underpin all operations; • The methods used to convey hydraulic oil and seal accordingly; • How to recognise hydraulic symbols used to form a working circuit; • The importance of good contamination management; • The health and safety implications when working on hydraulic systems and the importance of working safely; • A typical circuit diagram and construct a working circuit in a safe manner whilst following step by step procedures to set up various controls.

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