NFPC Hydraulics Industrial – Stage 2 (HDIS2)

Aims of the Course • To take delegates’ overall knowledge and skills to a higher level enabling better management and maintenance of complex hydraulic systems which had a range of controls; • To ensure that delegates understand the causes of failure in hydraulic systems and can apply the necessary preventative measures, whilst also understanding the procedures to follow to carry out effective fault diagnosis. Skills & Knowledge Gained Upon completion of the course, delegates will understand: • The function, operation and control of pilot controlled DCV’s, Logic Cartridge Valves, Proportional and Load Holding Valves; • The operation and performance of a range of hydraulic pimps and their associated controls; • The recommended procedures to follow when carrying out installation and commissioning; • The maintenance techniques in current use and their effectiveness; • Causes of failure in hydraulic systems and the recommended fault finding procedures to follow; • Risks associated with working on or close to hydraulic systems and the importance of following safe working practices at all times; • How to build hydraulic circuits by interpreting a hydraulic circuit drawing; • How to set pressure control valves for relief, sequence, reduction and counterbalance functions; • How to connect the electrical interface to the hydraulic controls using manual switches and pressure switches; • How to apply hydraulic and electrical sequencing techniques; • How to apply load holding techniques; • How to set up an amplifier associated with proportional control valves; • How to use fault finding techniques, applying FCR to real circuits. Entry Requirements: No formal qualifications required, however, delegates will need to have either completed the NFPC Hydraulics Stage 1 (HDST1) course or scored a minimum of 90% on our online diagnostic assessment which can be found here

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