New Ways To Competitiveness


This programme  will give you the tools and techniques to make innovation work in your business to help you maintain and improve your competitiveness. Here’s a chance to proactively and systematically reflect on what’s working for you now, and crucially what you still need to do. It’s about taking stock of what you’ve achieved and what you need to achieve in all aspects of your business as you move forward. It means constructively challenging what you do, and getting your people to do the same.  It also means getting ‘buy in’ and establishing / changing ‘hearts and minds’ from everyone in your team to ensure that you keep it all going….. together.

This programme will highlight how winning businesses get ‘innovation’ on the agenda and explore the ways of making it work to help you create and develop your competitiveness. You’ll also get tools and techniques to scan your environment externally to anticipate and identify changes in customer behaviours to help you spot and identify opportunities and threats you might face…. and do something about them!

Whether it’s about what you offer and do, who you offer and do it for and how you do it, this programme will help you develop ‘new ideas’ and embed them into what you do, now and importantly for the future!

This programme will help you create a real focus on working on ‘the areas that count’ to ensure that when this is all over, your business is ready to ‘thrive’, not just survive’.

This programme covers:

  • An introduction to the principles of effective innovation: ‘The successful exploitation of new ideas’ and how to make them work for you.
  • ‘Our Successes So Far’ – Taking stock of what you’ve done, changed and achieved
  • Building On Our Successes – The Future – Establishing your ‘key factors for success’ to move things forward and make innovation work in your business
  • Identifying and anticipating the changes in customer behaviour that will create opportunities and threats for you and your business
  • Developing a plan to maximise those opportunities – and minimise the threats
  • Getting Everyone Onboard – tools and techniques helping everyone embrace and embed change in your business
  • Developing your plan of action to build on, and embed those changes

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