Microsoft Teams


Office 365 offers a variety of applications that improve workplace collaboration between colleagues significantly. In this Teams course, we concentrate on teaching you to use Microsoft Teams and OneDrive in the best fitting way for your business.

Starting with examining and explaining Teams as a concept, our course introduces the various views and features Microsoft Teams provides. OneDrive for Business is then introduced to incorporate its features into your workplace.

On our course, you will discover the core features of Microsoft Teams and learn how you can bring together colleagues, maximise team working, create conversations and content, and collaborate more effectively.

This course walks you through the essentials of using Teams, starting with basic setup, creating new teams, and joining existing teams. It also covers key topics such as organising multiple teams & its members and will show how to conduct conversations/ professional meetings.

By the end of this course, you will know how to create scheduled meetings or initiate impromptu meetings inside Teams, utilise file sharing between team members for collaborative projects, customise user settings and how to use Teams on mobile devices


No previous experience of Microsoft Teams is required however the delegate should have knowledge with Microsoft Office, Instant Messaging and Outlook.

  • Teams introduced and described
  • Creating and joining Teams
  • Meetings and Chat
  • People and Channels
  • Working with Files in Teams
  • What is OneDrive for Business?
  • Navigating Around OneDrive and Uploading Documents
  • Organising Content in OneDrive
  • Using the Office Online Apps
  • Sharing Documents with OneDrive
  • Chat and share files in Teams
  • Collaborate in Teams
  • Search for messages, people, or files
  • Set up your Teams mobile apps
  • Get your team up and running
  • Go to guide for team owners
  • Change team settings
  • Organize your team List
  • Favourite and follow channels
  • Work on a file together
  • Create a plan with Planner
  • Upload and share files
  • Start chats and make calls
  • Set up a delegate to take your calls
  • Starting and manage meeting
  • Show your screen during a meeting
  • Move around during a Teams meeting
  • Plan and schedule a live event
  • Produce a live event
  • Attend a live event
  • Add tools with tabs
  • Use the command box
  • Filter your activity feed
  • Notification settings
  • Join a meeting on the go
  • Change your status
  • Use Do Not Disturb efficiently
  • Discover keyboard commands in Teams
  • Use Who to identify a co-worker
  • Working with Messages
  • Target people with @mentions
  • Edit or delete a message
  • Bookmark messages
  • Translate messages from another languags
  • Use the immersive reades
  • Three ways to share files in Teams
  • Forward an email to a channel conversation
  • Working with Teams
  • View a list of members on a team
  • Remove and change member status
  • Create a team using an existing team as a template
  • Find and join public teams in your organisation
  • Archive and restore a teams
  • Share your screen in a video meeting
  • Share a PowerPoint presentation in a meeting
  • Share a PowerPoint presentation in the mobile app
  • Customising the Interface
  • Hide a team you don’t use
  • Themes
  • Administrator Settings
  • Problem Solving Workshops
  • Question and Answers

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