Maximising Growth Potential – Training Program for Ambitious Business Owners

As business owners you can go stir crazy, having endless ideas which don’t go anywhere, lose clarity, not focusing on the end goal, even changing the goal and we may see glimpses of the imposter syndrome seeping in as we question ourselves and our abilities to succeed, these distractions can often result in a decline in sales, profits and overall performance of the business.
This training program will equip you with tools, tips and techniques to address all areas of a growing business, ensuring you are in control and truly feel that you are growing a business that meets with and hopefully exceeds all your expectations.

During the program you will gain a thorough understanding and knowledge on how to:-
– Create a robust strategic business plan for the next 3 years
– Identify your own personal goals and development needs and align them with the business
– Understand what Key Performance Indicators are essential to measure success
– Create a sales and marketing plan that is realistic and achievable
– Understand the strengths and weaknesses of the business and draw up an action plan
– Identify skill gaps and create people development plans
– Understand what best practice means in your organisation i.e.IT systems, processes to support growth and improve efficiency and productivity.

Program Objectives
There are several objectives of this program aligned to the business but also the well being and personal development of the business owner.
– To improve the overall profitability of the company
– To ensure the business is sustainable and growing in a controlled way
– Attract and retain the right type of client
– Maximise the return on all resources, both people and financial
– Having a robust infrastructure in place to support growth
– Working well and not being a busy fool
– Making the working environment a nice place to work
– Knowing when to say No!
– Embracing your strengths and weaknesses and knowing the difference in business
– Achieving efficiency and productivity gains

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