Managing yourself through difficult times (Virtual Training)

Part 1 – Understanding and managing yourself

According to a Chinese proverb, if you can command yourself, you can command the world. Before managing people, projects and processes, it’s important to manage ourselves. Now that most of us are working from home, we’ve a great opportunity to self-reflect. It’s a chance to understand our strengths, where we need to improve and what situations might cause us stress. After participating in this highly interactive, fun and challenging virtual session, you will:

  • Complete the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator profiling tool to identify your behavioural preferences on how you are energised, how you process information, how you make decisions and how you approach deadlines
  • Receive, interpret and discuss your results to:
    • Understand and celebrate what makes you unique and your contribution to your team
    • Understand potential hindrances and how others might see you, and identify things to start and stop doing
  • See the world from others’ perspectives – you will increase your understanding and appreciation of others and their approaches. Just because their approach is different to yours, it doesn’t mean they are wrong.

Part 2 – Coaching yourself to deal with your stressors and motivating yourself

Coaching yourself is particularly important when we’re working in isolation. In this course you’ll learn how to increase and maintain your performance, your motivation and job satisfaction. I’ll show you how to deal with problems better and expose yourself to more experiences and so develop new skills. After participating in this highly interactive, fun and challenging virtual session, you will:

  • Understand what you want, what makes you want to do something and how you can seek opportunities to support those motivators
  • Help you understand the stages in change (confusion, denial, anger, negotiating, depression, testing and acceptance) and how to deal and progress through this change
  • Develop some practical approaches to being more motivated and energised (including removing negative thought, changing your state, when to seek help, handling criticism, motivational anchors, variety and taking breaks).
  • Understand some techniques and tools to deal with ‘stressors’ and setbacks

The session includes virtual discussions, polls and breakout rooms;  psychometric and behavioural tests; online handouts, personal action plans to record what you are going to do different; online quiz to test how much you have learned; and further reading material who want to learn some more.


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    BSA Training's Offer

    Led by Bobby Singh since 2011, BSA Training is passionate about people development.  We believe employees are the most important resources in any business and so: “Improve your people.  Improve your business”BSA Training virtual training and development sessions are a new, innovative, user friendly and interactive way of learning. We are focusing on the things that are so important right now, such as: Managing yourself and developing resilience;Leading and motivating your staff remotely;Employee engagement, motivation and morale;Working from home and managing how you use your time;Managing customer relationships remotely and winning new business; Business development – developing new product;Business planning – dealing with the now, the future and beyond 


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