Managing through a Crisis

About the programme:
The Covid-19 Pandemic presents new and unprecedented challenges to all aspects of running a business and goes beyond anything you could have prepared for. There are no certainties at the moment, no organisation of any type anywhere in the world has been in this situation before but it calls for an organised methodical response when we don’t have the answers, can’t see all the issues and don’t know what questions to ask!
This short remotely delivered workshop will help you assess the environment in which you now have to work, consider the specific challenges you face and define a strategy and for coping with and working through one of the most challenging situations any business could face.
This workshop is delivered using our video meeting technology and provides as close an experience to a training room session as is possible. You cannot completely replace the experience of face-to-face interaction, but you can have conversations between all the participants, the tutor can share video, PowerPoint slides and other material and we can even break the group into different syndicate groups for discussions.
Designed for:
Senior Managers, Directors and Business Owners with responsibility for defining and implementing strategy and crisis management planning during the Corvid-19 pandemic
The Programme content:
• Accessing your individual circumstances correctly and thoroughly
• Identifying the short, medium and long challenges
• Understanding what your critical operations and processes are
• Creating a plan of action to protect critical processes and maintain flexibility
• Crisis Leadership
• Communication, Communication, Communication and the Stockdale Principle.
• Incorporating Agile Thinking into your management response
• Can you prosper in a crisis?
To discuss your challenges in more detail contact Mike Epton on 01623 883199 or 07733107238


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