Maintain, Manage And Maximise Your Customer Relationships!


For many businesses, when it comes to customers, this Coronavirus crisis has created a real lack of certainty, a lack of customers and a lack of money! The result is that many businesses have to take a different approach – a Dramatically and Demonstrably Different approach even, to the way they find, attract and keep the customers they want. Many of the ‘traditional’ ways of engaging with customers have to be reassessed and redeveloped and this online learning programme helps you develop your marketing, customer relationship and customer service skills to help you survive, and hopefully thrive in these turbulent times.

It helps you take stock of your marketing and customer relationship focus and crucially identify ways to move things forward with existing and new customers. It’s definitely not about ‘heavy selling’ or ‘hyped marketing’, but it’s about proactively maintaining, managing and maximising customer relationships with the customers that you want to work with, both in the short term, and critically, for the longer term. How businesses deal with their customers during this pandemic now will definitely have a huge impact on how those customers deal with them when this is all over.

This programme gives you a chance to proactively identify how they measure up in the areas that count when it comes to your marketing and your customers and establish the key steps you need to take to maximise your customer relationships during and after this crisis.

The programme covers…

  • ‘Be Human’! Developing a proactive, ‘personal’ approach to contacting your customers, demonstrating your human side and ‘Delighting’ them by exceeding expectations
  • Engage! Finding ways to ‘engage’ with them that adds value and makes a difference
  • Give Your Customers A Damn Good Listening To – For many, this ‘downtime’ gives a great opportunity to find out what customers think, want and where their problems are – as well as getting close to them, it can help identify opportunities, both immediately and in the longer term.
  • Build Trust – By listening to them, identifying their issues and problems, and taking them away
  • Choose ‘Em Or Lose ‘Em – Taking time to review your marketing and customer relationship activity and efforts to help identify your ‘best’ customers for current and future activity.
  • Think Long Term – Finding ways to differentiate themselves and build long trusting relationships

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