Level 3 First Line Manager Programme

About this programme:
The purpose of this programme is to supply delegates with the necessary tools to become better leaders, to manage the best results from their teams and to provide a platform from which to develop their own style of leadership. At the heart of the programme lies the CMI Level 3 syllabus in First Line Management. This supports the optional internationally recognised qualification that candidates may choose to complete during the course. The programme builds core skills in leadership, managing performance, motivation and effective communication over the six one-day workshops.
The learning style used on the programme is experiential, with challenging exercises and problems used to provide opportunities for analysis and learning. Open courses also provide the opportunity for peer group interaction and this is a significant benefit.

The benefits to the delegate taking part in the programme include;
Understanding the role of the manager and leader
Using feedback and self-review to enhance leadership skills
Learning solid techniques for planning and decision making
Peer-based learning, review and evaluation
Gaining an internationally recognised qualification (optional extra)

The benefits to the delegate organisation include;
Managers with the skill and knowledge to manage their own professional development
Managers with the self-awareness to lead and deliver results at a strategic level
Removal of leadership barriers to growth and diversification
Managers with the knowledge required to make a real difference in the workplace

Who this programme is designed for:
The programme is designed for people who have recently been promoted to a first line position, those who have been identified as having potential for that role or for those who may have considerable practical experience but who have not had any formal leadership or management training.
The Programme content:
Each of the six workshops is self-contained and focuses on a particular management and leadership topic. This provides the underpinning knowledge required for both the job and the qualification, allowing the delegates to discuss and explore the various issues that are relevant to their role in the workplace. Indicative module content is outlined below for each of the six days of the programme.

Session One – Leadership and Delegation
Where does leadership come from?
Is this a skill that can be learnt and developed, or are we born leaders?
The concept of leadership styles and techniques
The leadership in action theory (John Adair)
Providing clear focus and direction to your team
Developing people through delegation
The learning cycle concept (Kolb)

Session Two – Team Dynamics and Team Roles
What is a team?
The characteristics of high performing teams
The stages of team development
Identifying individual strengths and managing weaknesses
Team Role theory (Belbin et al)
Managing individuals within a team

Session Three – Motivation & Negotiation
Motivation – through vision, mission and values
Motivation theories and concepts (Maslow, McGregor & Hertzburg)
‘People are complicated’
Identifying team, individual and personal development areas and how to address them
Negotiation principles and process
Understanding the jargon
How to plan to succeed in negotiations

Session Four – Communication and Presentation Skills
Barriers to effective communication and how to overcome them
Choosing the right channel of communication
Team vs. individual communication
The importance of providing a clear focus
Presentation skills and techniques
Evaluating the understanding and feedback
Transactional Analysis (Berne)

Session Five – Time Management and Planning Skills
How do I use my time at the moment?
To be re-active or pro-active?
How do my people use their time?
Techniques for planning and prioritising
The concept of urgency versus importance
The planning cycle
Assessing risk

Session Six – Management Counselling and development skills
What is Management Counselling and when should it used?
Discipline and grievance process versus counselling
Appraisals and development sessions
The role of the appraisal
Conducting a counselling session


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