Lean6: Yellow Belt in Lean & Six Sigma

LEAN training to empower your team with the problem-solving and improvement ‘mindset’ needed to ensure your business has the key skills to become more effective and efficient.

It’s a 2-day course that equips the learner with the core and fundamental tools and techniques to make a real impact in the workplace TODAY.

The training includes:

Introduction to Lean and Systems thinking
Key Lean Principles
8 Wastes
5S + 1S
Problem Definition
Process Mapping Analysis
5 Why’s
Graphical Analysis

The benefits are:

  • Better understanding of how to implement business improvement using the DMAIC methodology.
    • Introduces scientific thinking to your business practices.
    • Give your team the tools to identify and remove waste and inefficiency.
    • Learn your customers’ needs at the heart of your business.
    • Improve how to effectively communicate with all stakeholders.
    • Continuously improve your business processes and standardization.
    • Encourage innovation and forward thinking.

Cohort Minimum

Number of Training Sessions

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Price per learner 1 to 1


Price per learner

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