Leadership & Management (IT Projects)

Within any organisation, strong leadership and management values can create a real tangible advantage. The demands of today’s manager to provide inspirational leadership, manage change and continually improve an organisation’s performance have never been higher.
Great leaders set a precedent and inspire their people to define their path.
Training is designed to help businesses develop people management skills, both for those working full time on projects but also for people who have other responsibilities and demands on their time.
You will be able to gain a stronger commitment from the project team and achieve the performance needed to deliver projects successfully.

Bespoke training courses designed for project managers who need to use their people skills to establish a project team and manage a range of interpersonal challenges with those working within and external to the core project team.

Below are just some of the units which would be included:
o Management Development Programmes (PDP)
o Team Building
o Motivational skills
o Time Management skills
o Stress Management skills
o Effective communication in the workplace
o Emergency Planning
o Effective recruitment and selection for Projects
o Creating an effective Project Organisation Structure
o Delivering difficult messages and minimising conflict

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