Leadership Bitesize

Session 1 (Half Day) – Understanding Yourself

·         Self-assessment of skills to benchmark leadership strengths and areas for development

·         Administration of a psychometric profiling tool to identify behavioural preferences (energy, process of information, decision-making and approach to deadlines) to help them understand themselves better and how their behaviour may affect others

·         Developing emotional intelligence – self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills


Session 2 (Half Day) – Leading by Example

·         preferred leadership style and when and how to adopt a range of leaderships styles (telling, selling, participating and delegating) to get the best out of people and the situation

·         Managing people through periods of change (confusion, denial, anger, negotiating, depression, testing and acceptance) and how to implement change effectively

·         Development of a personal action plan to address areas for development and achieve your personal and business goals


Session 3 (Half Day) – Teamworking and Collaboration

·         Audit of the team to identify team strengths and areas for development

·         Development and presentation of team organogram to help discuss what is working well, challenges and how to encourage collaboration between departments

·         Identify team development stages (Tuckman’s Forming-Storming-Norming- Performing-Mourning Model)

·         Key skills practise to develop and maintain effective relationships (Rapport Building, Questioning, Listening, Communication and Body Language)

·         Group exercise to practice new team working and interpersonal skills learned


Session 4 (Half Day) – Performance Management

·         Use the ‘GROW’ Coaching Model to maximise impact of coaching sessions, one-to-one reviews and appraisals

·         Appraisals – what are the benefits; how to prepare and manage the meeting; how to motivate; discipline and grievance management; and how to set objectives and plan future development

·         What motivates employees and how to create opportunities linking into what makes them tick

·         Identify how to give positive and constructive feedback

·         Administration of 360-degree tool to gain feedback from colleagues on ‘open’, ‘hidden’ and ‘blind spots’


Session 5 (Half Day) – Managing Time and finding better and faster ways of doing things

·         Techniques for managing and controlling your workday (Time Thieves, Time Logs, Planning, Prioritising, Consolidating tasks, Multi-tasking and Procrastination)

·         Benefits of, and how to delegate (who to, what, when and how)

·         What is innovation, how to foster innovative thinking and how to have the confidence to “challenge how we do things” and present new ways of doing things better, faster and cheaper


Session 6 – Values and Behaviours

Principles of leadership and management and how to ‘role model’ the appropriate Values and Behaviours Identify

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