Key Account Management.

What is Key Account Management?

Business decisions are made or influenced at various levels in the customer’s organisation and their operations may spread across geographies and/or channels. This complexity demands specific competencies from sales teams to effectively manage business with this type of customer. The process of managing this type of customer is called Strategic Key Account Management. This training provides guidance and solutions to effectively manage this process by leveraging the Plan. Grow. Do. methodology behaviours, processes and tools.

For the full Key Account Management Guide and methodology, please download the complimentary ebook below.

Download our Key Account Manage guide here.

An overview of the topics covered:

Stage one – Plan:

  1. Core teams and defining your core team
  2. What makes a good key account plan?

Stage two – Execute:

  1. The diamond strategy 
  2. Effective tools to manage the key account plan execution

Stage three – Review

  1. Internal reviews
  2. Customer reviews

Who is it for?

Who is it for – B2B sales organisations that have customers that are either strategic, complex or cross locations. The organisations that would most benefit from this approach are in Construction, Manufacturing and Engineering sectors and organisations where that have a complex supply chain and where operational functions serve customers.

How is it delivered?

1 full day and in the workplace. Broken down into 3 stages Plan, Execute and Review.

See more about the three stages in the e-book available for download HERE

What do others say?

“It’s tempting when sales are a little lower to jump in with both feet. [Core B2B Sales] has helped us take a step back and ask a few more questions. They [the customer] were overjoyed, it’s gone to an order! John Burford – ASD Lighting

“This training is truly worth its weight in gold” Jason Duffy – Arthur Rose Recruitment

“Plan. Grow. Do. has provided the company with a much clearer idea of who our ideal clients are and how we structure our sales activity to engage with them” Rob Shaw – Glu Recruit

“I can’t believe how much I took away from the training. I carry the three course books with me in my laptop bag everywhere I go! It’s very easy to lose sight of what you should be doing and what should take priority when you’re busy in your job. Plan. Grow. Do. has helped keep my focus on the right things” Kayleigh Thompson – Professional Energy Purchasing.

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