Keeping your Employees Engaged and Ready to Return to Work

There are a very large number of furloughed employees and people who are working from home who are going to feel varying degrees of disengagement with their work or the business. Re-engaging our employees is going to be the next major challenge that we need to address to get things moving again.

Thankfully employee engagement is very well researched and understood, so there are a few fundamental steps which you need to make in order to make employee engagement work for you. This webinar will cover the 6 main steps and how you apply them to keep your employees engaged, or re-engage those who aren’t

Course Outline

  • Clarity – how to re-engage your team in the direction of the business so they feel like participating in your and their future.
  • Communicating commitment – how to communicate progress, the format and frequency to generate and maintain momentum.
  • Reinforcing standards – approaches will probably have changed during lockdown so now is the time to re-set how you want people to work.
  • Autonomy and empowerment – you will want to review and re-set boundaries of working, there may be some new opportunities for change.
  • Development & Recognition – taking early opportunities for feedback which drives more engagement.
  • Team working – creating the kind of climate and environment which supports teamwork  and productivity.


Participants will:

  • Know how to align and re-engage their teams and create an environment to maximise team performance.
  • Be able to inspire their teams and generate sufficient trust and buy-in to be able to support the recovery and growth of the business.

Who should attend?

Anyone involved or potentially involved in the leadership or management of your business. Remember that leadership is a mindset rather than necessarily a position, so people from virtually any level of management would benefit from this course especially those leading a team of people.

Course delivery

The course will be delivered online with full participation from all attendees. You will be sent a calendar invite along with your link to access the session following receipt of your booking.


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    East Midlands Chamber's Offer

    Keeping staff development up to date is essential, harnessing skills which are required for businesses growth and progression.  We run a full range of open courses, everything from Director level right through to Information Technology sessions.  A full list is available on this website and can also be found at our website.  We are also a leading provider of Bespoke Training.  Working with our team of dedicated trainers, we are able to design and develop face to face or on-line training sessions to support your teams.  This could be 1-1 through to sessions for up to 15 people.  A dedicated staff member will liaise with you throughout, ensuring all your requirements are met and also completing a quality check with you following the course delivery.  The Chamber is a leading partner for many businesses for their bespoke requirements, supporting over 100 businesses each year to train and develop their staff.  Flexibility is the key to this and with over 30 years experience of developing bespoke training options, you will know you are in safe hands.  


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