Introduction to Social Media

The course is designed to review all aspects of your social media and approach and to create a framework for new business development and to develop further the appropriate skills, tools and techniques for using the various platforms and major sites can work together to help your market your business online and you’ll be shown real and practical ways of doing so including presentation, discussion, exercises, class workshops and demonstrations. Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Google Plus and Blogs, and many more areas are covered and we piece together the puzzle for you. You’ll learn the strengths and weaknesses of each, be shown expert tips and tricks on how to find, target and convert your audience and the training is delivered in a fun way that caters for all levels of social media expertise. Requirements: This is a hands on and practical course and so we would ask delegates to bring with them a mobile device or laptop or tablet. Course Outline Research and Preparation Your Marketing plan Social Media plan and strategic aim Introduction to the channels Corporate Social Media policy Main Course profile The major channels – Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn and many more The ground rules; the major do’s and don’ts about social media in business Your Social Media personality and how to develop it. Site by site training – a demonstration of all the major channels How do to – the specifics on all major channels Finding your audience on all channels Targeting your audience on different sites Tips, tricks and expert insights Building your brand on different platforms Creating new customers and keeping them Essential third party tools and applications Legalities and etiquette in social media Your sector and niche channels Summary Q&A session Action planning Our promise We hope you will profit from our experience as we will: Help provide a structured approach to Social Media Help you implement new ideas that will add value Learn how to practice with your fellow delegates

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