Introduction to Mindfulness at Work

About the programme:

Mindfulness is a great approach to use to increase focus on what you are doing, be that at work, home or in sport. With the onset of changing work patterns, social distancing and potential concern about self and love-ones resulting from the Covid-19 global pandemic. Having a way to stay present in the moment, to concentrate on the task in hand and to maintain a healthy and positive outlook is not just a good idea, but makes great business sense. In times of change, different people deal with challenges in very different ways. Some grasp the bull by the horns and rise creatively to the challenge and others will feel a sense of overwhelm, anxiety, fear and hopelessness which can make it difficult to focus, make decisions, maintain relationships and well-being. Mindfulness can help to manage the tendency of our minds to imagine a future that is not the reality, and has not even taken place yet! Worry is negative goal setting and creates stress if allowed to be the norm in our lives. Choosing to place our attention on what we can control, in the present moment, reduces stress hormones and enables greater clarity in decision making and greater well-being. This programme is designed to introduce you to how you can use mindfulness in the workplace, for yourself and with your teams. The module is delivered by CMBD’s Carroll Macey, a published author and expert in Mindfulness.

Designed for:

Managers and Supervisors who would like tips and techniques for supporting their teams in a time of great change and uncertainty. Help your people to manage a sense of overwhelm, think more clearly, have a greater sense of control and greater choice in their reactions and emotions.

The Programme content:

In this 90 minute introduction to mindfulness session you will be introduced to some basic mindfulness practices and tips that you can start to use beyond the session. It’s interactive, fun and informative, giving an overview of what mindfulness is and how it can be of value in the workplace.

The workshop will help you to understand how mindfulness can help you:

  • Improve your focus
  • Handle emotions with greater ease
  • Bring more clarity to your decision making
  • Manage relationships more effectively
  • Enhance your communication style
  • Lead and manage with a clearer intention and purpose

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