ILM Level 5 Certificate in Leadership and Management – Open Course

The course improves understanding and confidence when managing people and resources at a middle or aspiring middle management level and leads to a prestigious and well-regarded qualification from the Institute of Leadership and Management, which is nationally recognised.

The course covers the essential knowledge, skills and behaviours to enhance performance in a managerial role including managing self, leadership skills, managing innovation and change and enhancing performance of teams and individuals.

It is delivered over nine full days (to include a tutorial day), over a period of approximately six months, and includes practical and applicable assessments which add real value to the organisation (including an innovation/improvement project, and a leadership skills evaluation).

Participants should be operational managers with responsibilities for managing resources and/or teams of individuals within the scope of their role.

Programme content
We believe in creating programmes which develop individuals to maximise their potential within the workplace and beyond. For this reason all of our courses cover the core elements which we believe are critical to excel in a management or leadership role, and not just the elements which the ILM requires to pass the qualification.

To equip participants with the knowledge, understanding and practical skills to become more effective in their current role
To provide confidence and competence to progress within a leadership role

Course Structure
Day 1 – Induction and the organisation context of Leadership and Management
Day 2 – Identifying and evaluating opportunities for innovation & change in the organisation
Day 3 – Implementing and communicating decisions to others at times of change
Day 4 – Practical workshop on innovation/improvement projects and Tutorial
Day 5 – Leadership Styles and Emotional intelligence
Day 6 – Enhancing Performance of Teams and Individuals
Day 7 – Supporting individual development & Managing Performance
Day 8 – Influencing skills and making a case through professional presentations and briefings
Day 9 – Continued Personal and professional Development and Individual assessed presentations

1 x Work based improvement project
1 x Reflective review based on Leadership Performance
1 x Assessed Presentation

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