ILM Level 5 Certificate in Effective Coaching & Mentoring

Overview & who should attend:
A prestigious qualification for individuals who wish to become more effective at coaching and mentoring practice. Suitable for line managers who are required to enable and develop others; those with coaching or mentoring within the wider scope of their role; and those who have an active interest in coaching or mentoring and may wish to undertake freelance work. Participants must have access to at least two coachees during the course to undertake, ideally, eighteen hours of coaching outside of the course days*


To equip participants with the knowledge, understanding and practical skills to become an effective coach and mentor.

To provide confidence and competence in a wide range of coaching/mentoring situations from planning and contracting the coachee/mentee through to conclusion and evaluation of the process.


Day 1 €“ Definition and types of coaching; coaching/mentoring styles; the ideal coach and / or mentor

Day 2 €“ Contracting; legal and ethical considerations; identifying start points and diagnostics. Using coaching frameworks.

Day 3 €“ Preparing to coach; goal setting and options for coaching; telephone, skype; group. Practical Application.

Day 4 €“ Coaching in practice; managing relationships; listening; questioning, summarising; feedback techniques & styles. Practical exercises.

Day 5 €“ Coach development 1 €“ practical coaching skills with feedback and action learning. Barriers to coaching and how to overcome them.

Day 6 €“ Coach development 2; Case study scenarios and simulations. Action planning for improvement & tutorial/one to one.

Day 7 €“ Bringing it all together; Reflection on the journey so far. Coaching supervisions (including best practice for future CPD), and CPD planning.

1 x written assignment; 1 x coaching diary*; 1 x reflective review on ability to coach and CPD. *18 hours coaching minimum required, some of which will be available to claim during the course days.

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