I15 – Combined Management System – Bespoke Intensive

This is a bespoke training support course with content informed by discussion and competency analysis of business and participants at a Senior level in the business

The training will enable the participants to establish and get the maximum business benefits from a Certified Combined Management System (covering ISO 9001:2015/14001/45001/27001 as appropriate)

The content will also introduce learners techniques for workplace enhancement and staff awareness to develop an environment where the staff feel safe, comfortable and secure in a style which is aimed to achieve a positive impact on effectiveness and productivity. In the context of Health and Safety requirements this training is beyond legislative requirements which it is assumed have already been addressed.

This course will build on the Continuous Improvement principles of ISO 9001:2015, in order to demonstrate the advantages of establishing one combined control system to Manage; Environmental, H&S, cyber security, etc aspects of running the business, reducing certification and surveillance costs and also cost of upkeep/internal monitoring, whilst maximising business benefits of compliance.

In order to prioritise training requirements we will audit and establish current system performance, identifying major areas of deficiency against the new standards in the operations and agree a gap analysis which will form the basis of a detailed scope of work for the training
This gap analysis will be prioritised along with the Company in terms of tackling areas with the biggest potential savings first, and identify appropriate timescales for completion of these items.

Content will include:-

How to use gap analysis tools/templates to sense check the current business management system
Understand what needs to be revised in the current systems
Identify the new requirements for documented information
The various international standards – ISO 14001, Eco-Management and Audit Regulation (EMAR)
Exploration of ISO14001 requirements
Approaches to implement the requirements of ISO 14001:2015
How the requirements of ISO 14001:2015 benefit the business
Management of Environmental Risks
Cost of accidents hidden costs, effects on productivity
Causes of accidents multiple causation theory
Near miss reporting and link to production
Occupational health management – What is a safety culture
Implementation of a proactive Safety culture
Understand the implications of employee behaviour on Environmental management audits
Creating individual action plans to prepare for implementation of the required changes
Skills to prepare, conduct and develop the required skills for an ISO 14001:2015 audit
How to set objectives for, plan and perform an environmental standards audit
Report findings and take corrective action.
Integrated ‘lean’ approach.
Addressing non-conformities as a process improvement tool
Timescales and resources
Documentation methods
General Employee Training needs
Key implementation issues
Integration with existing systems (Skills Matrix/Competency/HR etc)
Identifying changes that bring sustainable business benefits
How to engage top management and build confidence in Environmental/H&S Management Systems
Links to Corporate Governance
Understanding Certification arrangements

Following the initial gap analysis, a mapping exercise is proposed to review and highlight a detailed programme of implementation to tackle the remaining priority areas identified over the balance of the exercise

The content will also enable the learners to develop an improved working environment by addressing what is frequently referred to as the ‘6th S’ in workplace organisation and Continuous Improvement methodology.

Further content will also be included and delivered progressively using feedback from the learners, and their developing understanding.
This will include specific assignments drawn from, and adding benefit to their organisation and further one to one learning content, informed by any knowledge gaps or weaknesses in knowledge of any individuals in the cohort.

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