How to Master Linkedin

LinkedIn is the most powerful professional networking platform and rightly deserves its place as the number one B2B social network. There are now more than 450M business people worldwide and in excess of 21M in the UK who consider LinkedIn learning essential as the pre-eminent business networking platform online. After you learn the basics of creating the starting elements, you will be taught how to profit from the many tools and opportunities that LinkedIn offers. Whether you want to use LinkedIn learning for SEO, marketing your business, lead generation, PR, shortening sales cycles or recruitment, this workshop will show examples of how all these elements can and will benefit you! The history and evolution of LinkedIn Key Concepts and LinkedIn tools to get the most out of it Creating a LinkedIn profile which will market, attract and sell for you Creating and promoting a LinkedIn company page Being found in LinkedIn search results Targeting prospects using the Advanced Search and other tools How to best connect with people (and how not to) LinkedIn tools to market your products / services & your business Using Groups effectively as an interaction and targeting tool Developing and Using your Company Showcase Pages to the best effect Integrating , Best practice and an action plan

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