Get Yourself On A Route To Profitability


Often, in uncertain times like this these caused by the Coronavirus, the focus immediately turns to cost cutting, cutbacks and saving money, and clearly that can be a good, and often necessary step. However there are lots of other ways to improve the profitability of a business and this programme helps you do that. Whether you work through it on your own or work with your colleagues doing it as a team, it’s an opportunity to develop a real commercial and profit focus to help get your business through this crisis… and beyond.

This is definitely NOT a lesson in ‘finance’ or analysing spreadsheets, but it’s about proactively and systematically reviewing your current operations and identifying and exploring all the opportunities to maximise your profitability, now… and for the future.

Whether it’s cutting costs, improving efficiencies, reducing waste, putting up prices, changing your ‘offer’, or changing your customers… or at least identifying and focusing on the profitable ones, we help you develop your own ‘Route To Maximised Profitability’.

This programme helps you take time out to review what you’re doing and how you’re doing it, and then, crucially, do something about it. You’ll develop your own ‘Route To Maximising Profitability’ – specific steps to improve your profitability in the areas that count.

This session covers:

  • Creating A Profit Focus – Understanding the key factors for success when it comes to improving profitability
  • ‘Here Are Your Options’ – Introducing and exploring the options for your profit improvement in your business
  • Getting Everyone Onboard – Tools and techniques for creating a profit focus in your people
  • Introducing ‘The Route To Maximised Profitability’ Tool – A structured approach to developing what’s right for your business
  • Profit Improvement Planning – using the tool to identify and develop your own ‘route’

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