Foreign Language Training for Business – Non-European Languages

Tailored, flexible business language training programmes enabling you to communicate more effectively with overseas clients and colleagues. Choose between individual and group training in over 20 different languages, delivered at your place of work or remotely via Skype. Your bespoke programme can include sector-specific terminology, conversation skills, telephone/teleconference calls, emails, meetings, presentations, general communication within a business context and aspects of cultural etiquette if required. Before training takes places we will discuss your objectives with you and assess your current level in your target language. We will then design and deliver a language training programme that suits your objectives. Price includes: – 60 hours of professional training – Pre-training assessment and discussion – Learning materials – On-going assessment to ensure objectives are being achieved – Certificate of Achievement Pricing: Individual Training Total Cost for 60 hours = £4260 Small Group 2-6 delegates, total group cost for 60 hours = £5760 Large Group 7-15 delegates, total group cost for 60 hours = £6900

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