First Line Management Remote CPD Development Programme

About the programme:

In direct response to the challenges the Covid-19 crisis has raised and its, as yet unknown, consequences this programme has been specifically designed to help businesses and managers meet those challenges and prepare for the unfolding situations they face now and  that will arise in the coming months. Unlike many other online workshop learning this focuses specifically on the need of the individual organisation.

The Global Covid-19 Pandemic is unprecedented and presents a difficult and unique challenge in terms of managing and leading individuals and teams through the situation. The only certainties at the moment are that it will end (no-one knows quite when of course) and that getting through the difficulties with your team as intact as possible will be important. This short remotely delivered programme looks at the fundamental principles of First Line management as these are the bedrock for coping with difficult and challenging situations.

The programme is delivered over six 2-hour sessions (two per day for three days) using our video meeting technology and provides as close an experience to a training room session as is possible. You cannot completely replace the experience of face-to-face interaction, but you can have conversations between all the participants, the tutor can share video, PowerPoint slides and other material and we can even break the group out into different syndicate sessions for discussions and subsequent sharing of best practice. The sessions are delivered a few days apart to allow for reflection and subsequent sharing of best practice.

Designed for:

First Line Managers having to deal with the current situation, either in the work-place or with remote or furloughed teams. For some people, the concepts and models referred to on the programme will be new and for others this will be a re-visiting of the fundamentals. Doing the basics well is the key to making a difference in these challenging times.

The Programme content:

Module One (2-hours Day 1 AM) – Leadership Style & Delegation

 Understanding yourself – learning styles and communication preferences (Kolb & VAK)

  • The concept of leadership styles and techniques and how they can help at the moment
  • Leadership v Management models (Hersey & Blanchard, McGregor, Tannenbaum & Schmidt et al)
  • Leadership in Action theory (John Adair)
  • Providing clear focus and direction to your team in difficult circumstances
  • Developing people through delegation
  • Effective delegation techniques

Module Two (2-hours Day 1 PM) – Team working & Team Dynamics

  • What is a team and different types of team?
  • The characteristics of high performing teams and how to use this knowledge at the moment
  • The stages of team development (Tuckman, Honey et al)
  • Identifying individual strengths and managing weaknesses
  • Team Role theory (Belbin et al)
  • Getting the team working well in difficult circumstances

Module Three (2-hours Day 2 AM) – Motivating People & Development Issues

  • Motivation – through vision, mission and values
  • Motivation theories and concepts (Maslow, McGregor & Hertzburg et al)
  • Recognising the additional stress and strain on team members at the moment
  • Identifying team, individual and personal development areas and how to address them

Module Four (2-hours Day 2 PM) – Communication

  • What are the principles of good communication (Shannon & Weaver, Schramm et al)
  • Choosing the right channels of communication at the moment
  • Team vs. individual communication issues
  • Current additional barriers to effective communication and how to overcome them
  • Transactional Analysis (Berne) and how this can be used in difficult situations

Module Five (2-hours Day 3 AM) – Time Management & Personal Effectiveness

  • Introduction to Time Management
  • Are you re-active or pro-active?
  • The Priority Grid
  • What are your time-stealers and how to deal with them?
  • Techniques for planning and prioritising
  • The concept of urgency versus importance

Module Six (2-hours Day 3 PM) – Managing Performance & Coaching Skills

  • Managing team and individual performance in difficult circumstances
  • Discipline and grievance process versus counselling
  • Conducting a performance counselling session
  • Coaching techniques and how to use them (GROW Model)

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