Finance for Non-financial Managers 1 Day Introduction

These include the balance sheet, the profit and loss (or income and expenditure) statements and various other management reports. Practical advice and guidance is given on using tools such as financial ratios and the importance of monitoring cash-flow and the value and different methods of budgeting.

Your tutor will use a number of simple but straight-forward exercises and examples during the course of the workshop and you will have ample opportunity to ask questions whilst you learn about the basic accounting conventions that enable you to make timely and accurate business decisions.

This course is run to suit your organisation as required.

What You Will Learn

The fundamental principles and conventions that apply to accounting
How to construct and interpret the main financial reports, the balance sheet and the profit and loss statement.
How to use financial ratios to benchmark performance and monitor key areas of the business
The importance of cash-flow and the need to forecast and budget in an appropriate manner. Accounts are history and should confirm what you already know. Forecasts give you the opportunity to look ahead and make changes if required.
How to make business decisions based on timely and accurate information.
How your decisions impact on the financial performance of a business or organisation.

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