Executive Coaching

Our Executive Coaching programmes provide a series of focused coaching and mentoring services, delivered through 1-2-1 consultations as well as group seminars and workshops.

Designed to enhance and improve personal performance, our coaching focuses on practical interventions that supports performance of those in leadership and influential senior positions. The coaching will support improved wellbeing and organisational competitive advantage.

Leadership focus areas

Whilst the content of our programmes are typically built to an organisation’s specific requirements, consistent themes and focus areas focus on balancing effectiveness with wellbeing and typically include:

  • Wellbeing perspectives on leadership and management practice
  • Working under pressure and building resilience
  • Managing personal and team energy
  • Team leadership and effective communication and coordination
  • Behavioural change management
  • Performance benefits of ‘Simplifying & Lean Thinking’
  • Personal goal setting and finding purpose
  • ‘Seeing old things in new ways’ – adopting new perspectives
  • Working smarter not harder

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With our training, we could enable you to make savings in the cost of sick pay, lost production and other indirect costs. And better cared for employees feel more valued – rewarding you with their loyalty and productivity.

It’s estimated that mental health related presenteeism costs employers up to three times the cost of mental health related absence. From improving the engagement and productivity of employees when they’re at work, to reducing the number of days and money lost to absence, introducing health and wellbeing training will deliver tangible benefits and a return on investment.


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