Emotional Intelligence

• Introduction / Recap of Myers Briggs tool (energy, process of information, decision-making and approach to deadlines)
• Understand your behavioural preferences and how they can help and hinder you
• Understand how we might perceive others and they might perceive you
• Identify areas for development and develop an action plan
• Understand what our typical stressors are
• Review Iceberg model and how your thoughts and feelings impact your behaviour
• Enhance skills to understand, control and manage your emotions and to think before acting
• How to deal with other people’s emotions and provide support
Internal motivation
• Reflect on what we like about working
• Recognise what motivates you and your colleagues and how to develop opportunities aligned to what makes you ‘tick’
• Develop techniques to motivate ourselves and others
• How to recognise emotions in others – words, tone and body language
• How to build rapport and develop connections with colleagues and customers
• The importance of “putting yourself in other people’s shoes” – what can we learn? what can we learn about us? What can we learn about them?
• How to ask others for their perspectives and/or feelings regarding a situation
Social skills
• Enhance your social skills (Communication, Questioning, Listening, Body Language) to manage relationships and build networks
• Introduction to “Constructive Honesty” Model and the importance of “challenging directly” and “caring personally”
• Giving feedback in a constructive way and how to receive feedback objectively

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