Effective business conversations (EBC)

Good communication is an important skill in any environment. However, when it comes to communication in the workplace,good communication is an integral element to business success. Good communication is an important factor in client relationships, team effectiveness and employee engagement. Communicating effectively is not just about talking . Its about connecting with people at both a cognitive and emotional level. One of the most powerful benefits of effective communication is better engaged and positive employees , stakeholders and improved customer relations. this highly interactive event will introduce participants to a forensic approach based on a 5 sense – 5 channel approach based on proven behavioural and social science research . This allows practitioners to be more tactical, able to build trust and obtain more detailed disclosure. By attendance participants will;

– Better understand the benefits of being both more forensic and tactical in their approach to purposeful conversations
– Understand how to effectively plan for business meetings and implement strategies to positively present, negotiate and influence their opinions and propositions
– Understand how organisational position, culture and personal needs impacts on relationships and strategies to positively manage all interactions.
– Be more emotionally aware of the positive impact of words, vocalisation and non-verbal behaviour in interactions with others.
– Be better able to observe, identify and respond appropriately to the behaviour of others and build a positive conversational climate.
– Understand the diverse reasons for resistive behaviour and how to respond to and nullify such behaviour.

This event is aimed at any individual who wishes to improve their interpersonal skills and in particular, – Managers. – Auditors. – Sales professionals. – HR professionals. – all other public facing staff.

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