Digital Marketing Plan & Strategy – Online Marketing

About the programme:

In direct response to the challenges the Covid-19 crisis has raised and its, as yet unknown, consequences this programme has been specifically designed to help businesses and managers meet those challenges and prepare for the unfolding situations they face now and  that will arise in the coming months. Unlike many other online workshop learning this focuses specifically on the need of the individual organisation.

Online Marketing can be a minefield. By the end of this workshop, you will know which tools are most pertinent to your business, and how to implement them – efficiently and profitably! Kirsty, our Marketing and Sales expert will show you how to;

  • Be able to discern between the huge landscape of digital marketing techniques, knowing which ones are for you and why
  • Adopt the skills to implement those activities yourself

Designed for:

If you believe that your market is reachable online, but you are not sure which channels to use to reach them, this course is for you. Business owners may wish to learn this skill to manage the marketing themselves. Conversely they may choose a staff member who would like to take on an additional role of digital marketing. This workshop can be delivered to any education level/job role, though basic computer literacy is helpful.

The Programme content:

  • What are your commercial goals for the coming year?
  • Who is your market? Where are they active online?
  • Overview of the social media landscape – which networks are suitable, for your business and why? (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, LinkedIn)
  • Proactive markets – is your business findable? Vertical search engines for your industry, a basic look at search engine optimising and an overview of Google Ads (paying to be spots 1, 2 or 3 in Google search)
  • Building brand awareness and interest online – includes;
    • Social media – recruiting, posting & interaction (and how to avoid it taking over your life!)
    • Direct marketing (email and text)
    • Building a compliant database (using your own data, lead magnets or from social media followers)
    • Keeping them informed with compelling content
    • Advertising – an overview of some of the best low-budget online advertising
    • How to build backlinks (finding appropriate sites to send traffic to your website)

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