Develop a Marketing Plan in a Day

One of the main things many SMEs have in common is that they recognise the importance of having a Marketing Plan, but very few of them have actually got one!

A Marketing Plan is a powerful, formal written document which outlines the future direction of the business, who will be targeted, how growth will be achieved and crucially includes a practical Action Plan to make sure that it happens. Given that this is so important, Shelton Associates has put together an €˜In Company€™ Workshop, entitled €˜Develop a Marketing Plan in a Day€™ outlining the proven 7 Stages of Developing a Marketing Plan to drive participating firms€™ business forward.

If companies have already got a marketing plan then they will know the benefits it brings. If not, they are missing out on a crucial part of the process to develop new clients and take their businesses forward.

Shelton Associates are leading UK experts in how to develop and implement a Marketing Plan. Our definitive programme Develop a Marketing Plan in a Day is an intensive One Day €™In Company€™ Marketing Workshop, whereby Shelton Associates undertake a high-level strategic Marketing Intervention at with the firm€™s Senior management to embed the necessary skills in the business to Develop a professional Marketing Plan..

Develop a Marketing Plan in a Day Workshop
Shelton Associates runs a stimulating, practical training session outlining the 7 stages of Developing a Marketing Plan (Up to 8 people attending from the Business).

This is a practical, proactive workshop whereby participants complete Shelton Associates€™ proprietary Workbook to develop an outline Marketing Plan by the end of the session! Each participating company will therefore establish a clear direction for their company, set firm, quantifiable objectives for the next 3 years, identify where they are going to generate this business from and crucially develop a practical marketing strategy to achieve these objectives. The Marketing Plan will contain an Action Plan so that firms can start generating Business Growth straight away’.

To further embed these skills within the business, each company receives a copy of Shelton Associates€™ €˜How to Develop a Marketing Plan in a Day€™ the DVD€™, a definitive, proven and practical Self Study learning approach to developing a professional Marketing Plan for the business, together with a copy of Shelton Associates€™ book Marketing Plan Essentials. These Training Materials are used as part of the €˜follow on€™, internal training process to embed the skills needed to Develop a Marketing Plan, within the business.

Marketing and Your Business
Marketing Mix
Growth Planning
The 7 Stages of Developing a Marketing Plan
1 Business Review/Marketing Audit
2 Market Research
3 SWOT Analysis
4 Set Objectives
5 Agree Target Segments
6 Develop Marketing Strategy
7 Develop Action Plan
Monitoring and Implementing the Marketing Plan

Self Study
Delegates then use the Marketing Plan Essentials Book & DVD Package to further embed the Marketing skills within the business and further develop the Marketing Plan which was drafted out during the Workshop Session.

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