Creating Leaders For The Future (Half Day)


Working closely with fast-growth organisations, there are common needs for first line supervisors, managers, and rising stars in 4 main areas:
1. Developing Commercial Skills
2. Developing Leadership Skills
3. Developing Personal Skills
4. Developing Sales Skills
Sessions can be half day or full day to suit individual organisational needs and can be grouped into a tailored package that suits individual needs within an organisation.
Sessions include:

Developing Commercial Skills
– Understanding Marketing
– Creating Customer De
– light
– Maximising Profitability
– Maximising Customer Relationships

Developing Leadership Skills
– Fulfilling Your Role As A Leader
– Thinking Strategically
– Building A Winning Team
– Maximising The Performance Of Others
– Contribute To Your Culture
– Making Innovation Work

Developing Personal Skills
– Maximise Your Communication Effectiveness
– Maximise Your Relationships
– Maximise Your Time, Resources, and Effectiveness
– Pitching And Presenting For Results

Developing Sales Skills
– Making Business Generation Work For You
– Developing An Effective Sales Plan
– Face-to-Face Sales Skills
– Negotiating For Success
– Maximising Opportunities and Relationships

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