Core B2B Sales

What is Core B2B Sales? 

We help business owners and sales teams find the confidence, process and structure to succeed in sales in what is very much a changed environment. Often times businesses stay wedded to old habits when in reality they must appreciate the changed buyer landscape and evolve from their outdated sales practices to create long term, meaningful relationships with the customer. 

Core B2B Sales is a sales methodology that is repeatable, scaleable and effective to suit the modern business environment. 

Download our report for identifying your sales behaviours and more about our approach: DOWNLOAD HERE.

You can see the Core B2B sales methodology here in the attached PDF


Understand the planning process used in modern sales techniques.

  1. Effective customer profiling
  2. The Customer Journey
  3. Know, Like, Trust
  4. The Sales Process
  5. Managing the sales funnel
  6. Prioritising Sales Opportunities


Understand how to grow the business using modern sales techniques.

  1. Customer reviews & Feedback
  2. Referral
  3. Repeat purchase and maximising lifetime value
  4. Building a professional network online
  5. Joining up buying and selling
  6. Content in context


Understand how to implement modern sales techniques into own business setting.

  1. Pre call & meeting planning
  2. Post call reporting
  3. Social selling
  4. Finding prospect on social media
  5. Scheduling time for social media
  6. Networking strategies

Who is it for? 

We specialise in support for B2B, engineering, manufacturing and construction. We support businesses with sales teams or teams who are responsible for business development. You may find the sales function has been promoted or put in post because they are the most experienced member of the team yet may realise that as a business you have no formal sales approach or sales process. 

You may be wholly reliant on old practices and word of mouth to bring new business and might want to consider a more accountable way for your team to manage their sales process and output. 

“One of the biggest outcomes was seeing how the sales and marketing operation of a business actually complement each other and should always be made to work together. I’d never viewed it like that before.”

“The Plan. Grow. Do. training encouraged me to position myself as more of an expert and grasp opportunities. The company now works more collaboratory with other stockholders. This never happened before.”

“Every single member of our team was left with something positive from the training that they’re now implementing in their day-to-day role”

How is it delivered?

We deliver the training live at your workplace or venue of your choosing or we can deliver the sessions onlineThe training is for your business and your business only. We will identify you unique challenges and work with you across two days  to focus on those challenges and create a common approach for the team. 

Each learner is assisted with their own guidebooks and enables them to create their own sales plan and resource. 

What do others say? 

“It’s tempting when sales are a little lower to jump in with both feet. [Core B2B Sales] has helped us take a step back and ask a few more questions. They [the customer] were overjoyed, it’s gone to an order! John Burford – ASD Lighting

“This training is truly worth its weight in gold” Jason Duffy – Arthur Rose Recruitment

“Plan. Grow. Do. has provided the company with a much clearer idea of who our ideal clients are and how we structure our sales activity to engage with them” Rob Shaw – Glu Recruit

“I can’t believe how much I took away from the training. I carry the three course books with me in my laptop bag everywhere I go! It’s very easy to lose sight of what you should be doing and what should take priority when you’re busy in your job. Plan. Grow. Do. has helped keep my focus on the right things” Kayleigh Thompson – Professional Energy Purchasing.

What else? 

Lifetime access to a digital version of the sales methodology with video reminders, best practice examples and multiple choice quizzes for each learner. Helping to sustain the learning whilst also joining a physical and digital social community of sellers that share their own experiences and best practices.

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