Consultative Selling and winning more business

Understanding self – strengths, preferences, blind spots and areas for development

• Administration of a psychometric profiling tool to identify behavioural preferences (energy, process of information, decision-making and approach to deadlines) to help you understand yourself better and how to work with different people

Sales call – Phase 1 Getting Information

• Making introductions and scoping the purpose of the meeting
• Building rapport to put clients at ease and develop working relationships
• Avoiding sellers traps and why we need to ask questions (probe – listen – probe some more)
• Asking questions to uncover ‘background’, ‘pains’ and ‘dreams’. Helping customers to understand the extent of the problem; impact on processes, other departments, processes, plans and budgets
• Questioning skills – Practical exercises of building a portfolio of great questions to ask, role play and demonstrations of how different types of questions can be used to progress the sales process.
• Active Listening and note taking

Sales call – Phase 2 Giving Information

• Convert features into benefits and close more sales
• Presenting your offer persuasively using benefit statements aligned to customer needs
• Develop a process to create unique benefit statements to motivate customers to buy
• Understand customer types and when and how to adapt working style to get the best out of different people and sales situations

Sales call – Phase 3 Getting commitment

• Understanding the decision-making process – who is involved, timescales, procurement process, evaluation criteria
• Competitor Analysis and planning for potential strengths, weaknesses, opportunities & threats
• Resolving concerns and uncertainties
• Understanding the different types of objections and how to pivot to your advantage
• Closing the sale and techniques
• Sales Funnel and improving conversion rates

Account networking and navigation

• Talking to the right people, about the right things and at the right time
• How to widen the contact base within an organisation and not become “stuck” within the boundaries of the immediate contact.
• Delivering excellent customer service to encourage referrals and repeat business
• What activities can we undertake to maintain customer relationships
• Developing a contact schedule to keep in touch with our Customer Portfolio

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BSA Training's Offer

Led by Bobby Singh since 2011, BSA Training is passionate about people development.  We believe employees are the most important resources in any business and so: "Improve your people.  Improve your business"BSA Training virtual training and development sessions are a new, innovative, user friendly and interactive way of learning. We are focusing on the things that are so important right now, such as: Managing yourself and developing resilience;Leading and motivating your staff remotely;Employee engagement, motivation and morale;Working from home and managing how you use your time;Managing customer relationships remotely and winning new business; Business development – developing new product;Business planning - dealing with the now, the future and beyond 

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