Combined Management System – Bespoke Higher (H15)

Aimed at achieving business benefit and impact by assisting the business to develop the skills and knowledge to reinforce the benefits of moving to the new ISO9001:2015 standard as a core module, maintaining credibility with
its customer base and gaining further benefit from the increasing Business planning and Continuous Improvement component of the newly revised Standard.
Content will include:
The Common ISO Management System standards

• How to use ISO9001 as a basis to learn the fundamentals of how to implement and integrate all the new ISO’s – 9001, 14001, 27001 & 45001 – both individually; and using a Combined Management Systems (CMS) approach.

• What a good “Q/H/S/E” policy looks like

• Analysing processes and writing meaningful procedures

• Understand ‘context’ and business strategy in relation to Management Systems

• What to do to show risk management

• Documented info control – what needs to be managed and what can be left out

• UKAS or not – what’s the difference?

Implementing Additional Management System Modules (Environmental/H&S/Cyber Security)

• How to use the requirements of ISO 9001:2015 as a base system to add further Management System modules to

• How to use gap analysis tools and templates to sense check your current levels of performance in the new area

• Identify the requirements for documented information for the new module

• Understand what needs to be revised in your current ways of working

• Appreciate the significance of organizational context and adopting a risk-based approach

• Applying risk-based thinking, leadership and process management to this module area

• Approaches to implement the requirements of the required standards

• Understanding Certification arrangements

• Creating individual action plans to prepare for implementation of the required changes

•ISO Internal Auditor Skills

• The application of risk-based thinking, leadership and process management
• Skills to prepare, conduct and develop the required process for an ISO audit
• Learn how to set objectives for, plan and perform a detailed audit
• Understand the implications of employee behaviour on audits
• Gain the ability to confidently report findings and take corrective action.

Maximize ISO Performance
• Addressing non-conformities as a process improvement tool
• Identifying changes that bring sustainable business benefits
• How to engage top management and build confidence in Management Systems


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