Coaching Training for Senior Managers

Coaching Principles

• What is coaching and what are the benefits to the Intatstop, Coaches and Coachees
• When to coach and when to use a directive approach
• Attributes of a good coach
• Attributes of a good coachee

Is the coachee taking responsibility?

Are they engaged with the coaching?

Do they deliver on the agreed actions?

Do they reflect on their performance?

Do they take feedback on board?

• Coaching people in different roles and stages of development – Skill-Will Matrix Coaching Process and Forms
• The stages involved in coaching – Exploratory Meeting, Contracting, Goal Setting, Coaching Sessions and Review
• How to use coaching forms – Coachee Objectives, Sponsor Objectives, Contracting, Coaching Records, Reflection Statements, Coaching Evaluation
• Behaviours required for ethical practice – boundaries, codes of practice and when to refer to a 3rd party Coaching Skills
• Flexibility in how you communicate and engage with others
• Preparation – The purpose, information you need, right state of mind
• Building rapport
• Questioning and challenging • Active listening • Non verbal or Body Language
• Observing and providing balanced feedback
• Forwarding the action and tasking • Use the ‘GROW’ Coaching Model to maximise impact of coaching sessions and one-to-one reviews
• How to motivate others promoting initiative, enthusiasm, and self-responsibility
• Developing confidence and skills to have difficult conversations and give feedback on their performance Supervision and Review
• Following coaching sessions with colleagues, an opportunity to share good practice and discuss what worked well and not so well
• Develop ideas on how the coaching meetings, process and forms can be improved

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