Business to Business Selling – Higher (H05)

Course is aimed at participants operating in internal or external sales-based roles.

The course is aimed to show participants that selling is a matter of skill and organisation, both of which can be learned and practised so that techniques and effectiveness can be continually improved.

Course Overview

The most effective salesperson is a good listener. People always know they can do better
but knowing it and doing it are two different things. This course sharpens up selling skills
and helps sales people re-assess how effective they are. It is excellent for people with sales experience because it challenges values and improves objectivity but it is also suitable for those who want grounding in selling skills. It gives practice in the techniques learned and confidence
to apply them. It makes participants think – and it will also increase their sales.

Content Includes:

  • Attitudes and techniques to sales
  • Clarifying your sales objectives
  • Successfully identifying the person with the power
  • Preparation and introduction techniques for effective sales
  • How to effectively identify the buyer’s real needs
  • Selling the benefits of your offering
  • Selling or marketing – where do they fit?
  • Meeting objections from prospects and dealing with objections effectively.
  • Closing the sale correctly
  • The importance of organising yourself to sell
  • The real impact of building lasting relationships
  • The psychology of buying
  • How to successfully Succeed against competition
  • The trial close – practical and theory.

Further content will also be included and delivered progressively using feedback from the learners, and their developing understanding. This will include specific assignments drawn from, and adding benefit to their organisation and further one- to -one learning content informed by any knowledge gaps or weaknesses in knowledge of any individuals in the cohort.

While this is the standard course length, training can be scaled up/down bespoke to employer needed in terms of length & number of employees trained.


Cohort Minimum

Cohort Maximum

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