Business Leadership Accelerator

The Business Leadership Accelerator helps managers in your company to;

  • Build resilience and agility, and that of their teams
  • Navigate change, overcome challenges and break down barriers to growth
  • Understand the key building blocks of business success
  • Deliver sustainability, be able to adapt and pivot products and target markets
  • Develop their own leadership and management capabilities
  • Maximise productivity, employee motivation, engagement and wellbeing
  • Increase shareholder value
  • Develop a growth mindset to deliver increased performance, revenue and profit.

You can select from the modules below to create your own bespoke programme. The individual modules can be adapted to address the specific context, challenges and opportunities in your business, and the individual needs of your managers. Plus new modules can be created if required to focus on key issues you are facing.

Leadership, management and motivation modules

These modules focus on you as a leader, and what’s really important in providing effective leadership in today’s world. They also cover how to deliver effective management both directly and through others, why good management practices really matter and how they can deliver sustainable results in good times and bad. These modules also include how to motivate and engage your teams to make sure you get the best results from your greatest asset, your people. Plus, how to increase team effort, performance, productivity, wellbeing and tips on how to improve your own personal impact and resilience.


  • What ‘good leadership’ looks like – perception v reality in a changing world
  • Core leadership skills – what they are and how to develop them
  • The most effective leadership models for today’s environment
  • Understanding your own personality and its impact on your leadership approach
  • Different types of leadership and which is right for you and your business
  • The difference between leadership and management and how to do them both well
  • Key management skills – time management and prioritisation
  • Key management skills – effective delegation
  • Key management skills – performance management
  • Key management skills – having difficult conversations
  • Employee motivation – team and individual
  • Employee engagement – what it means and the business case for it
  • How to create an ‘engaged workforce’
  • Creating a high performance culture and increasing productivity
  • The role of ‘values’ in an SME
  • Recruiting and retaining the best people
  • Understanding and improving your personal impact and resilience

The mechanics of business and growth modules

These modules are focused on ensuring you have the business structure, systems and governance in place to adapt to challenges, increase resilience and drive your business forward. They also cover how to plan for the future, prioritise effectively, stay agile and ensure resources are deployed to maximise performance and results. They also cover strategy and planning for SMEs in today’s context, and how to translate your company ambitions into a clear business plan and practical actions without it becoming an industry in itself.

  • What a good business structure can deliver and what ‘good’ looks like for your business now
  • How to structure your business for growth
  • What corporate governance really is and what it means for your business
  • Getting the best from Board and management meetings
  • Management information and performance monitoring
  • Creating a vision – why does it matter and how to do it effectively
  • Business strategy – how to translate vision into action
  • Developing a robust and relevant business plan – key elements for SMEs now
  • Financial planning – top tips to be on top of the numbers
  • Getting the balance right in challenging times – long term direction v short term practicalities

The cost of the programme will be dependent on the number of learners, the specific content and the number and duration of the sessions required. The price per learner quoted is based on 2 full days of face to face training for the minimum cohort number of delegates. For larger groups the per learner cost will be lower.


Cohort Minimum

Cohort Maximum

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