Business and Report Writing

From formal reports to composing emails, polished communication is key. Covering all aspects of practical business writing, this intensive one day course will include style and language, understanding and producing professional documents, brushing up on proof reading and punctuation skills and how to create targeted, persuasive narrative across a range of business functions. The course covers a range of writing styles from business writing to crating copy to journalistic writing to developing a flexible writing style which can be adapted to suit any situation. We can incorporate house style formats/templates. Includes how to write for the web – an extremely useful skills, as most writing positions today will be for a digital format. By the end of the cours, delegates will be confident in creating compelling business proposals, memos, emails and reports. Training can be delivered at times and in locations to suit your business and tailored to meet your organisation’s needs, delivered in bite-sized sessions as part of a bespoke Leadership and management package, or as a standalone 1-day programme.

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