Building your B2B your sales strategy.

What is modernising your sales strategy?

The Strategy programme is designed to help you sell more.

Plan. Grow. Do. Strategy helps business owners and busy sales leaders identify the clarity, structure and process to deliver their sales success by working with you to plug the gaps and remove the blockers that are preventing you selling and maximising your profits.

We work with you to develop your own online/offline, traditional and modern approach to sales that will have you fit for the modern sales environment.

We will help you identify the best possible opportunities for your business, control how you operate within your business and help your convert more of the opportunities that matter to your business.

You will leave this programme with a robust sales strategy that is relevant to the modern business environment and with a clear understanding of how to achieve your business and sales goals.

Who is it for?

The Strategy programme lends itself to business owners who may have got busy doing what they do and often find themselves reacting to marketplace, not driving it.

It’s for you if know you are ready to unlock the potential of a sales process but that absence of guidance and accountability to develop a proven approach can be frustrating and the Strategy programme will give you that dedicated time, focus, clarity you need to succeed.

“Yesterday was a switch flicker. The previous sessions have been very good but yesterday was a small masterclass, I can see now how we are going to separate ourselves from the rest” 

How is it delivered?

Working one to one with you and a small leadership team, our 7 week programme is bespoked to your needs focussing on the following key areas. Each week we work with you to complete exercises and asign homework and self reflection to ensure the best outcomes based on each topic.

Pre work: personality profiling & sales assessment

Identify a little more about you before we start working on your sales strategy. How do you learn, how do you work and identify your potential blockers and opportunities to make the most of our work together.

Week 1: Customer profiling

Profiling, personas, motivations, habits and emotions. Much work needs to go in to the definition and identification of your best buyers personas.

Week 2: Buying Journey

Online and offline, your buyers’ journey is changed and will not be returning to how it was before. We explore 4 key stages of a buying journey and help you identify how to behave at each step of that journey.

Week 3: Leading Voice

Your position as an individual and leadership team is key in a modern sales environment. Why do you do what you do? People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it and in this session we explore this exciting opportunity.

Week 4: Goals and Plans

What are the sales goals, plans and visions for the company and for you in the business? We take where we are so far and align it with the business vision to ensure a joined up approach to your sales success.

Week 5: Digital Profiling

Over 90% of a buying decision starts online. So it makes sense that your customer is active online too. What does your digital presence say about you and what opportunities can you fine to join up the digital buyers journey with more traditional means?

Week 6: Content Planning

What you say matters, as does where you are saying it. But how you say it is a big challenge for many businesses. The content you use to share your message is vital and this session will help you identify a clear content plan that supports your business goals and talks in a more meaningful way to your customer.

Week 7: Your sales process 

What repeatable steps do you take to ensure consistency in you sales processes and structure? We start to define the process in this important session, bringing together the previous six weeks to help you create a robust and repeatable sales process for you and the team.

What do others say?

“It’s tempting when sales are a little lower to jump in with both feet. [Core B2B Sales] has helped us take a step back and ask a few more questions. They [the customer] were overjoyed, it’s gone to an order! John Burford – ASD Lighting

“This training is truly worth its weight in gold” Jason Duffy – Arthur Rose Recruitment

“Plan. Grow. Do. has provided the company with a much clearer idea of who our ideal clients are and how we structure our sales activity to engage with them” Rob Shaw – Glu Recruit

“I can’t believe how much I took away from the training. I carry the three course books with me in my laptop bag everywhere I go! It’s very easy to lose sight of what you should be doing and what should take priority when you’re busy in your job. Plan. Grow. Do. has helped keep my focus on the right things” Kayleigh Thompson – Professional Energy Purchasing.

What else? 

Each week we provide pre work, additional reading and learning and hold accountable the team and business to their agreed home work, group work and tasks. This ensures successful adoption and application of the one to one work for long lasting behaviour change and sales success.

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