Belbin Team Role Personality Profiling and Feedback

Dr Belbin identified nine team roles, which he categorised into three groups: Action-Oriented Roles (Shaper, Implementer, Complete-Finisher) People Oriented Roles (Coordinator, Team Worker, Resource Investigator) Thought Oriented Roles (Plant, Monitor-Evaluator, Specialist) Each of the nine Belbin team roles team role is associated with typical behavioural and interpersonal strengths. The training will help with: – Identification of behavioural strengths; – Identification of behavioural weaknesses; – Individual team member development; – Improved internal communication; – Improved collaboration between multi-functional teams; – Management development; – Leadership development; – Improved recruitment decision making; – Conflict management; – Increased employee engagement.

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Led by Bobby Singh since 2011, BSA Training is passionate about people development.  We believe employees are the most important resources in any business and so: "Improve your people.  Improve your business"BSA Training virtual training and development sessions are a new, innovative, user friendly and interactive way of learning. We are focusing on the things that are so important right now, such as: Managing yourself and developing resilience;Leading and motivating your staff remotely;Employee engagement, motivation and morale;Working from home and managing how you use your time;Managing customer relationships remotely and winning new business; Business development – developing new product;Business planning - dealing with the now, the future and beyond 

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