Be There! Supporting Your People In These Times Of Change


This programme will help you keep your people committed, motivated and effective and provide you with proven tools and techniques to maximise the potential and performance of all your people, including any ‘problem performers’ you might have.

It’s about giving direction, motivating them, providing support, actively listening to them and giving support!

As well as looking at your approach overall, it will help you take an honest look at yourself and the way you interact with, and lead your people. Crucially, it will help you identify the steps you need to take to do it better!

This programme covers:

  • ‘Get Personal’ – How winning leaders find out how people are feeling (How they are really feeling), ‘what makes them tick’, their concerns, issues and their aspirations and how they can help and support them
  • Tailor your approach – Adapting your leadership style to maximise individual people performance in these extraordinary times
  • It’s all about the team – building, developing and maintaining a real sense of team when people are separated, even ‘isolated’
  • Champion your champions – reward and recognition techniques that work
  • Challenge your challengers – dealing with difficult employees
  • Give your people a damn good listening to! Talk to, and listen to all the people in your team to find out how they’re really feeling
  • Develop a personal development plan for each of your people.

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